The Yonkofa Project:


The Yonkofa Project

501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

Imagine you live in a place where you must walk for days to get medical help.  Imaginge making this journey only to discover the services you so desperately need are not available to you.  Or, imagine your child suffers from a treatable illness but no one has the proper medicine.  These are some of the harsh realities of daily life for people in remote regions of the world.   In remote areas of Western Ghana, there is no access to health care.  Simple ailments or injuries claim lives or cause permanent disability.  Children face mortality from diseases such as malaria and typhoid fever - diseases that are treatable or preventable.  But there is hope...thanks to The Yonkofa Project! 

This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, led by a small team of Atlanta-based medical providers, facilitates the construction of permanent medical clinics in remote regions of the world.  The Project's first clinic will break ground in November 2011, in the small village of Yiwabra, in Western Ghana.  The Yiwabra Clinic, made of prefabricated panels and designed to be earthquake resistant and energy efficient, will serve as a model of sustainable health care.  It will be permanently staffed by Ghanaian nurses with support from foreign doctors who will serve the clinic on rotation.  Nurses, U.S. hospitals, and non-profit organizations have donated much of the medical equipment and medicine for the clinic.  The villagers of Yiwabra have donated the land and the labor to build their clinic.  But funds are still needed - approximately $160,000 (mostly in building materials) - to erect the nurses' residence, the clinic, and to drill a well that will provide the village with water.  Your donations and support are needed at this critical time.

Yonkofa clinics will have far-reaching and life-changing effects on the people they serve.  Providing critically needed permanent health care will encourage people to stay in their communities and become active participants in their own well-being.

We hope you or your organization will make the commitment to help the Yonkofa Project change the world, one clinic at a time. Please make all donations in form of a check to "The Yonkofa Project" and hand-deliver to our office as soon as possible.  We appreciate your donations and consideration of this special project.

Please visit the following websites for more details about The Yonkofa Project:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnTFRT16dF8 Friendship for Life

http://www.facebook.com/yonkofa Facebook Page

http://vimeo.com/27055607  Vimeo Page


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